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Our story started in November of 2015 when our then 6-year-old daughter had seizures in her sleep. We had no clue what was happening to her because neither myself nor my husband had every experienced anyone having a seizure.


It started with her making gurgling noises in her sleep and drooling a tremendous amount of fluid. I remember hearing this noise the night before but I had no clue that she was having a seizure. When it happened the next night, it was a full blown grand mal aka tonic clonic seizure and it scared the begeezus out of us. It is so horrifically scary with a powerless feeling to watch your child writhing with convulsions and one side of her body drawn up tight, making gurgling noises while saliva is just drooling out like quarter cup of water was poured directly on her shirt, pillow and bed.


My mind races every time she has a seizure, with concerns like: can she breathe, is she in pain, does she know what’s going on, how long will she have to suffer this time, and please let this stop now.We took our daughter to the neurologist and before any test were given the doctor wanted to get her on seizure medication and monitor her for two years. I asked how can she be put on medication without knowing what’s wrong with her.


So, I took her to another doctor for a second opinion and I told her about what the other doctor had said about putting her on seizure medication. The second doctor told me that it is the protocol for seizures. I told her that I couldn’t accept that and can not see or understand the logic in putting my child on such strong medication without knowing the root cause of her seizures.


The search for answers to our situation began immediately. We did not start our child on CBD right away. We journaled her habits: food (types and consumption amount and times), hydration, anxiety, emotional state, daily physical exercise, and sleep. We noticed a lot of triggers and slowly implemented a daily regimen that started to help balance her body and brain functions.


Along with the lifestyle changes, we started applying Frankincense essential oil on the back of our daughter’s neck every night and put the oil in a diffuser to allow it to permeate throughout the room so she could breathe it into her system.


Eventually through research, we came upon the story of Charlotte’s Web https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxrKyjeClTk. Charlotte’s Web is a high-cannabidiol, low-tetrahydrocannabinol Cannabis strain marketed as a dietary supplement under federal law of the United States (taken straight from their website). This CBD oil helped Charlotte, get her life back. We made the decision to start our daughter on CBD oil.


We knew that it was not a cure but we hoped that it would curb the amount, intensity and longevity of seizures. We feel that it has decreased her seizure activity to every 8 to 12 weeks instead of random occurrences every week to every other week.


We hope and pray that her seizures will decrease and eventually stop all together as she gets older and if we can keep her body clean of prescription drugs as long as we can, then that is what we will do.


Thank you for reading our story. We would love to hear your story about your experiences with Cannabinoids and Essential Oils